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Sixty-Seven Miles From Roswell


On August 16, 1945, 20 mile southeast of San Antonio, New Mexico, Reme Baca and Jose Padilla literally stumbled across the remains of what they believe to have been an alien spacecraft. Their personal account of the case displays many of the key ingredients of crashed UFO lore:

In August of 1945 Jose Padilla and Reme Baca said they were sent out on horseback from the Padilla Ranch in San Antonio, New Mexico tasked to check on Jose’s father’s herd of new cows. 

What they were sent to do and what they claimed to have experienced was nothing short of what actually occurred to them that frightening afternoon.

With their horses tethered as they hid behind a rock in the distant reaches of the New Mexico desert – Jose 9 and Reme 7 years of age at the time – were awe-struck by the sound of thunder and the grinding thud of something strange that came to earth on the Padilla Ranch in San Antonio, New Mexico.

Illustration by James Neff - based on the description by Reme & Jose

With trepidation tendered by child-like watchfulness they approached the crash site to within 200 yards to witness a craft stuck in rock and sand; its charred 30 foot hull shrouded in dust and burned ash had skidded to rest at the end of a wide plough-like furrow the length of a football field. 

Using binoculars they saw strewn wreckage, strange creatures and military activity that would haunt them for days to come and – for the rest of their lives.

All of this occurring two full years before the archetype of all UFO crashes on the Foster Ranch outside the small town of Corona, New Mexico a mere 67 miles from Roswell.

These astonishing claims, made by Jose Padilla and Reme Baca, have been researched and recorded by Denver author/researcher Paola Harris who – in conversation with ZlandCommunications – detailed how these two young Hispanic children: saw at least three creatures in the unusual oval shaped craft, had, some days later, climbed into the craft itself to retrieve pieces of the wreckage after guards had vacated the area and, how they were told by State Police to be quiet about what they had seen.


Debris claimed to be from the crash site

Two little Hispanic children experienced an extraordinary event occurred in August of 1945.

Jose Padilla, age 9 and Reme Baca, age 7 witnessed a saucer crash on Padilla land in the town San Antonio, New Mexico. They were witness to one of the most spectacular events in UFO history.

The book entitled Born on the Edge of Ground Zero: Living in the Shadow of Area 51 describes Jose Padilla’s and Reme Baca’s detailed account of what happened in their childhood. They explain what they saw the actual crash, the creature’s appearances, the pieces they took, the military clean up and an in-depth analysis of the significance of this case.

First printed in The Mountain Mail, Soccorro, New Mexico on November 2, 2003 by journalist Ben Moffet, the case was passed to me, journalist/researcher, Paola Harris in May 4, 2009. The desire to finally disclose the details and the kind invitation of Reme Baca, led me to fly to Gig Harbor in Washington State in the Northern part of the United States to interview witness Reme Baca and his wife, Virginia in July 2010. Consequently because he now lives in California, I interviewed Jose Padilla by telephone from the Baca house. During my two day stay, I was able to see and photograph the piece that Jose extracted from the craft and study the detailed analysis of its composition done in Europe.

It is one of the most astounding cases I have ever covered in my career and it helps complete the puzzle of why there has been so many crash retrievals in New Mexico. As journalist Ben Moffet who so beautifully describes the cover-up, we can begin to see where it fits in UfO history: 

It was in this crucible of suspicion and disinterest bred by familiarity that a small contingent of the U.S. Army passed almost unnoticed through San Antonio in mid-to-late August, 1945 on a secret assignment.

Little or nothing has been printed about the mission, shrouded in the "hush-hush" atmosphere of the time. But the military detail apparently came from White Sands Proving Grounds to the east where the bomb was exploded. It was a recovery operation destined for the mesquite and greasewood desert west of Old US-85, at what is now Milepost 139, the San Antonio exit of Interstate 25.

Over the course of several days, soldiers in Army fatigues loaded the shattered remains of a flying apparatus onto a huge flatbed truck and hauled it away. That such an operation took place between about Aug. 20 and Aug. 25, 1945, there is no doubt, insist two former San Antonioans, Remigio Baca and Jose Padilla, eyewitnesses to the event.

Padilla, then age 9, and Baca, 7, secretly watched much of the soldiers' recovery work from a nearby ridge.

The entire interview can be found at Interview With Reme Baca, Washington State and Jose Padilla in California



NOTE: other than their interviews with Ben Moffett and Paola Harris, the witnesses have been fairly tight-lipped over this incident. Because of the amount of time it took for the witnesses to finally come forward with the information, I feel their claims need to be examined much further...Lon

Reme Baca

Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups
The Mountain Mail, Socorro NM, Nov. 2, 2003
ZlandCommunications News Network
Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence
Born on the Edge of Ground Zero: Living in the Shadow of Area 51


Daily 2 Cents: Possible USO Near Martha's Vineyards -- Dead Guru's Frozen 'Meditation' -- Fatal Malware Message


Possible USO Near Martha's Vineyards

8/20/1997 - unedited: While camping alone on the cliffs of Gay Head, Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts I made this observation. It was Bill Clinton's birthday, as mine was the day before, so I guess we were both celebrating on the accommodations were a bit more primitive than his I'd guess. To save money I drove my motorcycle to a secluded spot on Gay Head Cliff, looking out to No Man's Island, an uninhabited island that had been used by the military for bombing practice, about a mile off shore. It was very dark, but a nice starry night. I had passed Clinton's motorcade earlier that day and was just enjoying the solitude and peace of that beautiful island. The beach front lay before me at the bottom of the cliff; a clothing optional beach, very famous, was nearby and got extensive use on sunny summer days. The President had done a book signing that day in Vineyard Haven and may have been coming back from the beach when I saw his motorcade. It was late, about 1am, when I finally settled down, as I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible; camping was illegal there. I had only a sleeping bag, which was enough for that nice weather. As I was looking out over the cliff to the SW I saw a fishing boat way off, a dragger, with all its very bright lights on, not moving so it seemed. Suddenly, to the right of the boat appeared a large, spinning, pinwheel kind of light, with reds, oranges, and yellows going round and round, going clockwise. It was just at the ocean surface and not far from the boat..I thought, those guys on the boat have to be looking at this light. It was kind of freaky watching, trying to figure out what it could be. It was not related to the boat at all. I watched it stay steady for about ten minutes when all of a sudden it just went out, like someone pulled a light switch...just gone. The boat was still in the same spot. I wondered whether it was still there with its light out or moving in the darkness with out lights. I kept watching but never saw the light again..I didn't sleep much that night, wondering if it might find me there alone, miles from the nearest habitation. Just a weird and lucky observation for me. I wonder what the boat crew thought. I'd say the pinwheel was almost the size of the ship and that they were very near each other, relative to my position. Was it observing the boat? I don't know. - MUFON CMS


Canadians spotted nearly 1,200 UFOs last year

It appears that fewer aliens took vacations last year, as Canadians reported nearly 1,200 UFO sightings in 2013-- well below the record-breaking total of the previous year, according to a new report.

In its annual report, released Tuesday, a Winnipeg group called Ufology Research said there were about three reported sightings of unidentified flying objects each day across the country last year, for a total of 1,180.

More than 40 per cent of the sightings were in Ontario, with the typical sighting lasting about 13 minutes, the report said. British Columbia was second with 25 per cent of the total recorded sightings.

In more than half of the recorded UFO sightings, witnesses reported “simple lights in the sky,” while others reported spheres and boomerangs.

“Results of this study show that many people continue to report unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations,” the report said. “Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgment.”

The group has been releasing annual reports on recorded UFO sightings in Canada for 25 years.

While the 2013 total is the second-highest ever recorded, it was well-short of the nearly 2,000 sightings on the books from 2012. That year, the 1,981 UFO reported sightings shattered the previous record of 1,004, which was set in 2008.

While it’s fun to speculate what made aliens seemingly stay home last year (rising fuel prices hitting the spaceship sector hard? the Polar Vortex making intergalactic space travel difficult?), the group suspects the big 2012 was “an anomaly and likely due to many people excited about the so-called ‘end of the world’ in 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar.”

The report notes, however, that despite last year’s drop-off, the number of reported sightings remains high.

Several theories for this can be suggested, the report notes, including:

That more UFOs are present and physically observable by witnesses;
More secret or classified military exercises and overflights are occurring over populated areas;
More people are unaware of the nature of conventional or natural objects in the sky;
More people are taking the time to observe their surroundings;
More people are able to report their sightings with easier access to the Internet and portable technology;
The downturn in the economy is leading to an increased desire by some people to look skyward for assistance. - CTVNews

UFOs Over Canada: Personal Accounts of Sightings and Close Encounters

Dark Object: The World's Only Government-Documented UFO Crash

UFO Sightings in Canada: True Stories, Strange Encounters and Cover-ups


Dead Indian guru frozen by devotees

Devotees of a dead guru in India have said they put his body in a freezer to preserve him as they believe he will return to life to lead them. Ashutosh Maharaj was declared dead by authorities in Punjab on 29 January after a suspected heart attack. But, confident that he was merely in a state of deep meditation, his followers froze his corpse. He led the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (Divine Light Awakening Mission) which claims more than 30 million followers. 

"He is not dead. Medical science does not understand things like yogic science. We will wait and watch. We are confident that he will come back," his spokesman Swami Vishalanand said. He said that although doctors had declared Maharaj "clinically dead", he was actually alive and in a state of samadhi, which is the highest plane of meditation. The guru is thought to have been in his seventies. 

Swami Vishalanand said the guru had "often indicated that he would not be with for us a long time, and we would have to manage the organisation in his absence". He said after the doctors declared him dead, his devotees watched over the body for a week at the centre in Punjab's Jalandhar city. "The body did not decompose before we put it in the freezer. It was a spiritual experience. We thought of embalming it, but somebody told us that his chances of revival were less if we did it," Swami Vishalanand said. "He has assured us that he will come back," another devotee, Lakhwinder Singh, said.

The decision to place the body in the freezer was challenged in court by a man, claiming to be a former driver of the guru, who alleged that his devotees were not releasing the body because they wanted a share of the guru's properties. "The court rejected his pleas after the Punjab government said that the man is clinically dead and that it is up to his followers to decide what they want to do with the body," Punjab legal official Reeta Kohli said. Senior police official Gurinder Singh Dhillon said police "cannot interfere" now that the court had made its ruling.


Mysterious booms: Why experts say beavers are partly to blame

DOERUN, GA - At Aden's Minit Mart there's been a lot of talk about a big boom in the little town of Doerun.

Marcy Knajdek and others were baffled over where the noise was coming from.

"We heard a boom and I thought it was a trailer tire blowing out," recalled Knajdek. "My aunt, who lives with us, she heard and said it shook the house."

WALB received numerous phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages reporting the sound of loud booms in parts of Colquitt County.

Colquitt County EMA Director Russell Moody did some checking, and found the source of the boom.

They are called binary explosive targets.

"It's a mixture you mix together and shoot it with a rifle. It's designed to blow up beaver dams," said Moody.

So the blame falls on beavers, at least partly.

Due to the recent wet winter, the wood chewing rodents have built up dams in parts of Colquitt County.

One of the best ways to break them up, is to blow them up.

Is it legal? The answer is yes.

Some of the explosive rifle targets were found as close as Moultrie Shooter Supply. It's a hot item, and legal in the state of Georgia.

Mystery solved. - WALB

More on the mysterious 'Windsor Hum'


Man kills himself and son over malware message

Senseless tragedy struck in the Romanian commune of Movila Miresii when Marcel Datcu took a distressing but wholly impersonal malware threat at face value, killing himself and his four-year-old son, Nicusor, in a misguided attempt to avoid prison and spare his boy shame.

Datcu had apparently visited a number of adult websites and thereby exposed his computer to infection by ransomware, a set of tools used by cybercriminals to lock down a device and extort the user for a cash payout, often while posing as law enforcement. Such insidious tactics have been popular of late, and are nowhere more prevalent than in Eastern Europe and Russia.

As with a scam designed to convince people that “PRISM” had found child porn on their hard drives, Datcu was informed that he’d have to cough up 70,000 Romanian lei (more than $21,000) or go to jail for 11 years. “I don't think it's normal what I've done,” he wrote in a suicide note to his wife. “I apologize to all of you… I don't want Nicusor to suffer because of me… I can't stand going to prison. I can't.” He and Nicusor were found hanging in the family’s living room.

The amount of the so-called fine mentioned in Datcu’s letter is itself unusual. As the International Business Times noted, a sum of a few hundred dollars is more commonly demanded, since it betters the odds that the money will come through. Perhaps if Datcu could have afforded the larger amount, or had been asked for a smaller one, two lives might have been spared.

Just another heartbreaking hypothetical in a case that’s full of nothing but. - Daily Dot



Are UFO experts being murdered? New book to investigate 'pattern' of deaths - Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History

If intelligent alien life exists we will find it within 20 years, says leading astronomer

The World's Oldest Crown

Uri Geller 'asked' to help find missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Hundreds flock to glowing Virgin Mary statue

The Authentic Book Of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts: From The Secret Alien Files of UFO Researcher Timothy Green Beckley

THE EIGHTH TOWER: On Ultraterrestrials and the Superspectrum

Secret Rituals of the Men In Black


An American Clurichaun Tale

I received an email inquiry from a reader several years ago:

Hi - since St. Patrick's Day is on the way, I was wondering if you had ever had or heard of a leprechaun or fairy experience in America? Thanks for your daily newsletter, Susan

Well, I have written about and reported a few fairy-like being encounters over the years...including a leprechaun or two. There are also legends of the 'Tommyknockers' in mining areas worked by Irish immigrants throughout North America. After I received the inquiry I looked back through my files, including a few journals I had kept from the 1970's. I did manage to find an odd anecdote that was told to me by a friend-of-a-friend in 1976 while in Philadelphia.

From what I gathered an ancestor by the name of Finn, who lived in colonel Philadelphia, had a bit of trouble keeping port wine on hand. It seemed that each morning he noticed that the level of a barrel he kept in the cellar got lower. In fact it had gotten to a point where he thought his wife was taking a dipper full each night while he slept...though he had never known her to have a taste for the stuff.

One day while working at the dock he asked his friend Donal what he thought about the situation. Donal looked back at Finn and laughed..."His Nibs is sampling your stock." Finn had no idea what Donal was referring to. "His Nibs...a clurichaun is stealing your spirits."

Honestly, when I heard the story I had no idea what a clurichaun was. Apparently, it is an Irish fairy which resembles the leprechaun. Some describe the clurichaun as a night 'form' of the leprechaun, who goes out to drink after finishing his daily chores. Clurichauns are said to favor drunkenness more than not. However, unlike their cousins, they are surly. If you treat them well they will protect your wine cellar, however, if mistreated, they will wreak havoc on a home and spoil the wine stock. Occasionally he can be heard singing Irish folk songs in the wine cellars. The clurichaun is great to have around the house because he also protects your home from vandals and thieves. They are also referred to as 'clobhairs' and 'His Nibs.'

According to Donal, if Finn wanted to see the clurichaun, leave a cup of wine on the night can't resist an offer of drink. Donal warned "don't scare it away. There will be dire consequences if you do."

That night, Finn left a full cup of wine on his night stand hoping to catch a glimpse of the imp. A little bit after midnight Finn heard the floor boards creaking. As he slowly opened his eyes, he gazed upon a small 3 ft. man wearing a red hat made of plant leaves and a red wool vest. It resembled a leprechauns in all it's physical characteristics. As he watched the clurichaun reach for the cup a horrific scream shot from behind him. His wife also caught glimpse of the small being and reacted instinctively. The clurichaun dropped the cup on the floor and dashed out of the room. Flinn thought "what now?"

Flinn tried to lure the clurichaun back and to its good graces with several offers of wine, but was never successful. It is said that Flinn could never keep fresh wine always turned to vinegar as soon as it was brought into the house.

Pocket Guide to Monsters and Malevolent Creatures

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Other Fascinating Creatures Real and Mysterious

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #21: Leprechauns and Irish Folklore: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #43: Leprechaun in Late Winter


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mailman Encounters MIB


This unedited account was forwarded to me in 2010 by the eyewitness who now resides in California. Since that time, I received another (similar) version from an investigator who followed-up on the encounter after I had posted it. is an extremely odd incident, though it does somewhat parallel a reported experience I had in my personal archives. I will detail that account later in the post:

Hello, I had an extremely frightening experience several years ago that I had no idea what was going on, but when I happened to run across a description of the MIB (which I had never even heard about except for passing references to the Will Smith movie), I suddenly realized this is extremely similar to what I experienced. My mouth dropped open at the similarity.

What happened was, I used to be a postal delivery person in Washington, D.C. One of the buildings I always delivered mail to on my route was this huge building. One day I had paused to eat an apple outside the building, and not seeing a trashcan anywhere, I just threw the core onto the ground. When I walked into the building to deliver the mail, I was angrily confronted by the head security guy who asked me why I was littering. I was a little taken aback and asked him how he knew I had thrown the apple core on the ground. He told me that this whole premises was under video surveillance, including not only all sides of the building but even the grassy areas around it. It was then that I suddenly realized this building had really unusually tight security. Even when I went inside to deposit the mail, the mail room was open to me, but the rest of the building was inaccessible. I could only go into the mail room, deposit the mail, and leave. I had to ring a buzzer to be let into the building each time I delivered.

Anyway, a few weeks later, I was on my way to deliver the mail as usual to the building, and as I was nearing the building, I saw three figures crossing the street on their way towards the building. At first glance I thought they were normal. But as I looked closer I was shocked at how strange they were - they were extremely thin, and they didn't walk by putting one leg in front of the other, but sort of waddled by moving their whole bodies from side to side, lifting one foot off the ground, then the other foot in a sort of whole-body side-to-side waddle. It's hard to explain what I mean, but it was not the way any normal person would walk unless they were unable to move any joint in their legs.

But as strange as this was, this was not what frightened me. What frightened me was that they were absolutely thin. It was like they were as flat as a set of clothes that had been ironed. Their faces and bodies were entirely flat - no contours. The nose did not jut out, nothing. And they were also extremely thin. The best I could describe is if you saw a suit hanging from a clothes hanger, that would be about the same thickness. It was like no thickness at all, just clothes hanging from a hanger. All three were dressed in black suits. They all had black sunglasses.

I saw them walk up, ring the buzzer, and be let into the building. I was absolutely scared sh*tless as I had just been about to enter that very same building. I really wasn't sure what to do, but I kind of steeled myself, and slowly forced myself to ring the buzzer and enter the building, figuring, hey, I might have imagined this, in any case I should force myself to go through my routine until I can think this thing out. When I entered the mail room, there were like 10 (normal) men standing there, just looking at me. It was really intimidating. They asked me if I had seen anything. I was kind of speechless for a second, not knowing how to respond. And then one of THEM walked right up to me from the side and from slightly behind me. I could tell it was one of the same types of things that I had seen crossing the street. It walked right up to me and I was too afraid to turn my head to the side and look at it. I am very scared just typing this right now, remembering it. It didn't say anything, it just got right up close to me, and I had a feeling of fear so intense, I felt as if my heart had just frozen and was going to fall out of my body onto the ground. Again, they asked me, "Did you see anything? What did you see?" I just shook my head and stammered, "No, I didn't see anything." Unless they were all retarded there is no way they couldn't have noticed my extreme fright. I thought they might hold me there and not let me go. But finally they said, "Okay, leave now."

The MIB that was to my side and a little behind me, kind of took a step back to make way, and I had to steel myself to actually walk past it on my way to the door and I was out of the building. It is the bravest thing I've ever done in my life.

At the time I had never heard of the MIB, I had no idea what this thing was or what the government was doing. All I knew was that I was dealing with something far more powerful than me. I thought maybe it was some new type of robot and the government was doing test-runs on them, but why that would be done in broad daylight I could not and still do not understand. To give you an understanding of how frightening it was, the first thought that came to my mind was that I needed to leave the country - to find some way to get the h*ll out of the country and go somewhere else - but then it occurred to me that if I started to act strangely, they might get suspicious and kill me or something. I realized the best thing I could do was act as normally as possible and pretend nothing had happened.

Later the next week, my supervisor at the post office told me I had been suddenly reassigned from my old route to a new one, something that was unexpected. He asked me if I had encountered any problems on the route - I think even he may have been a little confused at why I was being reassigned. But I said I had no problems and I was very quiet about it. So eventually I got reassigned. After what I thought was an appropriate amount of time continuing to work at the post office, I quit my job and now I work at an airport. I am telling this story now because I need to get this off my chest. I doubt they will come after me now but if they do, I can't avoid my fate. I've never seen any sort of alien or had any sort of unusual life event of any other kind, nor do I believe that there is such a thing as a devil or demons or anything. So I really don't know what to believe now. There is no doubt whatsoever the building was under the control of the government, with normal human beings. I still think it was some sort of cyborg experiment, and on occasion I still am tempted to just leave the country to get away from all this.

NOTE: This is actually not the first time I have read a MIB described as thin and having a strange side-to-side gait. I went through some notes and found the notation of an incident that occurred in the the early 1990's here in Baltimore, MD. There had been an automobile accident on I-95 not far from downtown near the Washington Blvd. exit where a witness described a similar looking 'person' (thin, dressed in a black suit, fedora and sunglasses) 'who waddled back and forth like a penguin' away from a black Crown Victoria that was stopped near the scene. This 'person' got to the guard rail and hopped over it with ease and disappeared. The local news didn't make note of this 'person' though it was reported in the local 'City Paper' a week after the accident. I searched for other references to this incident but have not been successful...Lon

The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena

Men in Black: The Secret Terror Among Us

MIB: Men in Black (The Roleplaying Game)