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Holy Metaphors! Cosmic 'Holy Grail' discovered

Cave-Painting by numbers is here!


An echo of the universe's cataclysmic birth has been detected by scientists in a landmark discovery described as the "Holy Grail" of cosmology.
Ripples in the fabric of space itself known as gravitational waves were identified by a specially designed telescope at the south pole.

Like a cosmic tsunami, they were generated when the universe suddenly exploded into existence almost 14 billion years ago.
Scientists believe the cosmos expanded at an enormous rate - faster than the speed of light - in the first tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang.
The theory, called "inflation", was dreamed up to explain why the universe today is so remarkably uniform. (he must be joking!)
Today's announcement from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the US provides the first direct "smoking gun" evidence of "inflation."
It also challenges scientists to grapple with a new mystery, because no-one can yet explain how "inflation" happened.
The signal detected by the BICEP2 (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarazation) telescope is much stronger than expected.
"This has been like looking for a needle in a haystack, but instead we found a crowbar,"


Science as Show Business


Cave painting by numbers, or Cliff Richard Physics

Another day, another breakthrough. You'll all come to love your psycho-social social-scientific

social-democratic factual rebirth.


And so I asked Brian Cox did He who made the Mountains of Mourne make thee?


Which sweetheart has the Toni? "Professor" Brian Cox as one of the Wonders of the Universe

"As it happens"
"Galaxy 30 billion light years away confirmed as our most distant neighbour - and it's churning out 330 stars a YEAR. This compares to two or three stars that the Milky Way produces annually

WHAT? Galaxy's light began journey to Earth 700 million years after the Big Bang. By 2020, we are expected to find more such galaxies at "larger" distances (what?). This will allow us to watch "it "as it happens if "it" is still "there (where?). 



Love the lips and the lipstick pout, Brian. By the way  I didn't know your father (left and below) was still alive. And so I asked Brian Cox did He who made the Mountains of Mourne make thee?




Parallel Universes: Before the Big Bang


The better the metaphor, the "better" the "science"


Below is a

another example of Cliff Richard/Brian Cox "Science." Do "scientists" really get paid for producing this crap?


Scientists decipher dog-tail wags
By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC World Service


The Personification of Scientific Evil


Scientists create first ‘designer’ chromosome



Breakthrough ... scientists have created the first working “designer chromosome”. Picture

Romany children in Auschwitz