Great Britain, you are ripe for for an image-based political take-over! The intellectual life of our nation has ceased. We have uncontrolled immigration and a  massive national drugs problem. Liberal politically-correct mob have wiped-out all traditional education.  The international gay political agenda is in full operation, helped by a completely androgynous mass-media. Our Armed Forces have been reduced to almost nothing, and our European connection is a disaster. But don't believe the world of appearances - Cameron could be a camp-following bisexual Manchurian Candidate out to covertly smash our great English nation to pieces. But Cameron is hardly the Right Stuff for executive action!  Additionally, We have boat-loads of illegal immigrant Pakistani paedophiles screwing hundreds of our young  children in the North of England. What does Cameron or Milliband say about that? Nothing.  No community outrage, nothing.

Probably Cameron is pre-occupied with his beloved gay agenda. As long as the gays are not hurt, everything  in the UK is OK.

Rotherham alone shows us that we have reached the unbelievable stage where we apparently cannot protect our young children from vicious sexual exploitation by corrupt  foreigners. We should hang our heads in shame that  not a  single Englishman rose up and was prepared to defend our very own young children and protect them from evil.

You want one of the main culprits? Here  is Cameron, in full gay motley:

Today,  as one of the citizens of England I am deeply ashamed of our gutless cowardice and our deep moral corruption.

Colin Bennett M.A. (Oxon) Editor, Combat Diaries

UK's David Cameron to Discuss Nigeria's New Anti-Gay Law


Before Gove was forced out (see top left of this site), Cameron had a devastating plan to put  a homosexual teacher into each and every classroom. Stalin managed to  do this with Communist teachers, and Hitler  managed to do this with National Socialist teachers.

Before Gove was forced out (see top left of this site), Cameron had a devastating plan to put  a homosexual teacher into each and every classroom. Stalin managed to  do this with Communist  teachers, and Hitler  managed to do this with National Socialist teachers.



Cameron is the worst and most dangerous political leader in British history.

MAX HASTINGS: We need leadership - NOT dithering, posturing and waffle


Cameron is a Manchurian Candidate. Doubtless he will go on to destroy Scotland as he has already destroyed the greater part of the British Armed Forces. This body is now incapable of significant  action in defence of the realm. Additionally, Cameron has launched his personal Gay Agenda whose corrupt Media filth will destroy our brains sooner rather than later.


Colin Bennett


A new Neville Chamberlain, Cameron  is essentially a Neo-Edwardian public school prefect. He has no knowledge of how the modern corporate world works. He thinks it works by simple mechanical  pushes and  pulls of the old Empire, and not images.

Once we had the Right Stuff. Now we have men who could not manage a dog on a lead. I am given to understand that Cameron in his previous career was a Television Executive, this being one of the lowest forms of  life that crawls  upon planet Earth, with the possible exception of  the Social Worker.

 He should be put into a zoo where bisexual yuppies could throw buns at him and congratulate him on his Gay Charter, the equivalent to John Major's Traffic Cone Charter of Mediaeval times.  With two weak bisexual leaders in the Western World, Putin must be laughing his head off.

Personally  I will never forgive Cameron  for taking the tanks from 7th armoured Division.

He will pay a price for  this.



What happened to us? What happened to our strength and courage? We are the sons of Drake, Nelson and Shakespeare. We fought and won in two World  Wars, and yet now we cannot raise a finger against the corrupters of our  Rotherham youth hat happened to our rage and courage? Did we swap them for a half-hour of Coronation Street?

I am afraid we did.

Media: the Death of Old Certainty

"To put your child in front of a TV is an act of manslaughter"

TV is pure New World Order 1984 style. It the equivalent to giving your young kids to illegal immigrants to do what they like with, witness Rotherham and its 1,600 devastated children.








Poof & Paedo & Perv & Priest & Parliament & Performers & private schools & House of Lords & Buckingham Palace & BBC every day another child fucked.

causing an hormonal crisis within the Western culture


You don't need tanks guns or  bombs  or Royalty on a balcony to completely fry the heads of a population.  All you need is network Television, and billions of free four-seater settees. Entire families  will then be able to march into the zombie-pit together, laughing all the way to the concentration camp of  complete mental oblivion.

Now there are no schools there are no facts versus fictions there is just Television. This horror is  a new kind of almost-material structure. We build and  create almost everything from Television just as we once  built things from steel. Now the general discursive IQ  is in a fatal descent. Television is absolute, ineffable, and inescapable.  It now defines us body and soul.

Best of luck!