The Jim Fish Column
Homosexualty? Soon they'll make buggery compulsory despite the
fact that any man who wants to put his dick up another man's poop-chute is mentally ill.
 It is vital to realise that the Gay movement is not only concerned with peculiar sexuality. 
First and foremost it is a political movement which is entering almost every aspect of British life, from government to local councils, from schools to universities. It is supported by powerful sectors mainly with the left-liberal social-democratic spectrum and (of course) the entire media and arts, which in the main are homosexual cultures, otherwise the bisexual Jimmy Savile could not have got away with his evil practices for so long.
If you don't know what kind of animal we're dealing with, here's one (below, on the left) in its natural environment: Television.
To judge from the performances (note not "actions") of Cameron and Obama, the so-called real politick within science and mechanism, and
all things cerebral stand no chance against the world become media.
We are now governed largely by soft and silly hermaphroditic clowns. The old educated thinker stands no against media culture.
The West in general and Great Britain particular are now under complete control by manipulation of images, symbols and metaphors put out by screen technology. Millions of peasants calmly sitting down and watching television represents perfectly the vision of George Orwell in 1984.
But Orwell was wrong about torture.
The big difference in the postmodern world is that good brains are turned into pure kitsch without rubber truncheons or hungry rats threatening to eat your head, as in 1984. This is old modernism. All
that is needed now is infinite TV schedules referring to actors and performances. You don't need tanks or guns for Control. All that is needed is screens such the one shown below pouring into brains by means of
 trillions of images per second. In this sense FACT becomes ADVERTISEMENT
At that rate YOU (and also civilisation) will soon go under.
This is a plot. We have uncontrollable immigration, the freeing of terrorists, corrupt homosexuality, with large parts of British cities become no-go areas for native white Brits.