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Christmas, 2003

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The Dumbing-Down Agenda

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Turing's Engine 

Spies: one dead, one


Kurzweil and Tragedy

The Logic of Decay

Morons in Aspic

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Big Doll Fairy Tales


Jack Parsons, Jet Propelled Anti-Christ

Debka: Whoever hacked

the drone, hacked the CIA

(report from 11th December 2011)


You wanna worship


"Michael Jackson's 
Body Is The Greatest
Piece of 
Postmodern American 


Ufology as Art Form

Earth survives

Rapture again

George Carlin

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Scientific Paradigms

are Changing

Kuhn Cycle, paradigm change

les anglais

The School Play



Hamza's Crazee

Rave Party!

Intelligent Debris

Mark Pilkington and the Crop Circles

Anthrax and 911

Sarah Palin

Still voted Lad's Hottest MILF

Do Microbes


Marshall McLuhan's


Mind Wars

Roswell Novel

Death by Design: Where Parallel Worlds Meet (1997) Poster

Death by Design


Too Much Technocentric 


The Paradox of Shenzhe

The Strange Death 

of Vince Foster


 A History of Mind Control


Is Conscious Choice an Illusion?

A language of universal symbols

Brentford Science

Cosmologists Find Nothing

Mind Control


the 21st Century

Consumers in Conflict

the Art of

Low Self-


Retro Review

of Walter Bowart's

Operation Mind Control


as Social Comedy

Self Replicating

Genetic Mend


Conspiracy Culture

Just When You


You Were Safe

Looney Left BBC


Al Quada

does not exist


A Funny Thing


on the Way to the Lab

Conspiracy Theory

with a


The Fact Dolls 

are Here

Science as Social Comedy

The Versailles

Time Slip

The Green Children

Controversial: Jamie Lynne Grumet has appeared on the cover of Time magazine (above) as an attachment parent. She has told of how she breastfeeds her three and five-year-olds

15th December 2014. Colin Bennett has now partially recovered from two diabetic-driven strokes.  The Combat Diaries will now therefore  appear  periodically. 


1st January 2015

Colin Bennett's Combat Diaries

Economy Wartime Edition

E Mail:

Due to the Home Secretary Teresa May's

announcement in The Sun today (24th), we are taking down

 certain items off the Combat Diaries.

Meantime, Alf says:

  enjoy your immolation, and your Social-Scientific Psycho-Social Social-Democratic

Anal-Dilation techno-concrete objective Reality Test in the Combat Diaries. If your balls fall off or

your vagina disappears during your fully-rationalised "factual" test, then write to the

Manchurian Candidate and complain. I am now in such a state that I can't tell the difference between

Lady Ga-Ga, the CERN Collider, or Stanton Friedman!

You'd better believe it - you know it makes sense!




Next Full Edition appears on god-knows when...





Novus Ordo Seclorum


Colin is the author of Politics of the Imagination, a biography of Charles Fort. He has also written a biography of George Adamski, Looking For  Orthon.  Flying Saucers over the White House followed, which was an analysis of Captain Ruppelt's The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects.  Colin has also three novels, The Infantryman's Fear  Of Open Country, The Entertainment Bomb, and  The Rumford Rogues.


Politics of the Imagination, Reissued by Cosimo Books New York

By The Anomalist (Jefferson Valley, NY USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Politics of the Imagination: The Life, Work and Ideas of Charles Fort (Critical Vision) (Paperback)
If Thomas Pynchon had any interest in Charles Fort, this is the kind of book that might result. It's far more than a biography (Damon Knight already did that), but a literary study of Fort the writer, as well as a postmodern rant on the illusory nature of facts and reality in the light of Fort's philosophy. Bennett, like Fort, sees "explanations," especially those provided by science, as a superficial means of understanding. Even more than in his previous book, Looking for Orthon, Bennett does battle with modern skepticism, which he sees as a debilitating contemporary illness. This is a great, big, heady stew of a book full of references to literature, arts, philosophy and more-much, much more. Bennett takes Fort and runs for the goalposts--I don't think anyone else could have done him justice. This book is a monster, a raised fist at the orthodox prison of the mind that is contemporary culture.

 All Colin Bennett's books are Second Editions published by Cosimo Books, New York

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World News 


The Sunday Telegraph

The Acceptable Faces of British Evil

Child Rapist Sir Peter Morison

and full supporter Margaret Thatcher

Dolphin Square

Famous Residents include:

William Hague - the young Hague was mentored by Leon Brittan and even house-sat for him

The Dolphin Square block of flats has been home to bosses of the security service MI5 and to various top child abusers.


'Sex slave case': Prince Andrew may regret friendship with financier (above) who had a very dark secret


Palace denies Prince Andrew under-age sex claim

Prince Andrew visited Jeffrey Epstein in New York in Dec 2010 after he was released from prison

Buckingham Palace has issued a strongly worded denial of allegations that Prince Andrew was involved in "impropriety with underage minors".

The statement was released after the Duke of York was named in a US lawsuit.

The woman who has made the allegations claims the disgraced US banker Jeffrey Epstein loaned her out to his friends, including Prince Andrew.

Papers filed by her lawyers say she was held as a "sex slave" by Epstein from 1999 through 2002 after he "became enamoured" with her.

In the motion filed in a court in Florida, she claims she was "forced to have sexual relations with this prince when she was a minor" in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island. She is believed to have been 17 at the time - underage according to US law.

The document continues: "Epstein instructed Jane Doe #3 that she was to give the Prince whatever he demanded and required Jane Doe #3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse.”

Palace Denies Prince

 Andrew Sex Claims
A woman claims she was "forced to have sexual relations with the prince" while underage in London, New York and the Caribbean.

Prince Andrew

The Prince visited Epstein in New York in 2010 after he was released

Sky News Correspondent Rhiannon Mills said: "It's important to point out that we have in the past seen Prince Andrew criticised for spending time with Epstein, including in December 2010 after he was released from prison."

Epstein was jailed in 2008 and spent 13 months in jail after admitting to having sex with a 14-year-old.

He had been investigated for paying underage girls to have sex with him at his luxury Palm Beach home - and 40 women had come forward as victims.

However, he cut a deal with federal prosecutors and the charges were not progressed and he agreed to admit sex with the teenage girl.

Two of his victims have now brought a case against the prosecutors claiming their rights were violated because they were not consulted on the secret deal.

Jane Doe 3 has applied to the court to be included in the lawsuit against the federal prosecutor and it is in the legal document to join the case that she makes the allegations against the Duke of York.

Sky News has attempted to reach Ms Maxwell for a response to the latest allegations.

When claims about the nature of her relationship with Epstein were reported in 2011, her lawyers issued a statement describing them as "entirely false".

Raping the Young

Trash Science

Durham University scientists create entire universe on a super computer

Making Salad On Mars: Southampton university Plan to grow lettuce on Mars



CIA Takes Responsibility For More Than Half Of UFO Sightings In The 50s And 60s

Christmas Break

December 27th 2014

It’s Clear That They’re Here – But Who & Why? From Where & How?


December 26th 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Theory That Plane Secretly Landed Resurfaces

Coalition Pilot Shot Down And Captured By ISIS

Non-Cerebral Systems

Trash Culture:


British Royalty Part 1: Just In Case You Missed It

Prince Charles $350 Million Divorce From Camilla Parker-Bowles ...

Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce: $350Million Settlement ...

Uganda: President Museveni receives gay animals book for Christmas over anti-homosexuality law

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Line-Up In Crisis As Celebrities Quit Before Show Starts

Rich Dad Poor Dad read by 25 million worldwide

See what happens when Mick Carter learns the truth in EastEnders

Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter Split-up

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes 'Barely Talking' And 'Close To Split'

Dan Osborne's Ex Taunts Jacqueline Jossa That She Slept With The TOWIE Star Last Week

Two gay men attacked, called anti-gay names

i100 on Twitter: "Anti-gay pastor Gaylard Williams arrested for 'squeezing man's genitals' ...


U.S. at U.N. calls North Korea 'living nightmare;' China overruled

ISIS Closing in on Israel from the North and the South

Racial Violence

Police Officer Said to Kill Armed Man Near Ferguson, Mo.

Russians awarded prizes for anti-gay hate

Father of Jordanian Pilot Captured by Islamic State Pleads for Son: 'We Are All Muslims'

December 23rd 2014


No copy today. All gone Christmas shopping. No violence here yet. Last big riot was about getting the best i-phone in town. The Bookshops were of course,  empty.

December 22rd 2014

New Theory Claims MH370 Was Shot Down By US Military

December 21st 2014


Westminster Paedophile Ring Dossier Names 3 MPs And 3 Peers In House Of Lordsate 22 High-Profile Figures

Child abuse inquiry: Three MPs and three peers named in paedophile dossier handed to Scotland Yard


The development follows Thursday’s news that the Metropolitan police are investigating allegations that three young boys, who are believed to have been physically and sexually abused at the hands of Westminster MPs in the 1970s and 80s, were murdered by the VIP paedophile ring following the evidence of a “credible” witness.

Two NYPD Officers Are Killed in Brooklyn Ambush; Suspect Commits Suicide

Ex-NYPD cop and father-of-five, 45, is killed in the line of duty in Florida in third ...

Obama Says Sony Hacks Not an Act of War, but Republicans Disagree

Jihadists in retreat as Iraqi Kurds retake Mt Sinjar

Nigerian Islamic Uprising Poses Regional Threat

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone's guardian of the dead is at work again

Military Intrigue

New Theory Claims MH370 Was Shot Down By US Military


Disgruntled RBS worker writes hilarious open letter to Russell Brand after anti ...

Labour is in a 'very good position' to win the general election, says Lord ...

Non-Cerebral Systems
Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

What is on Elton John and David Furnish's wedding menu

Gary Barlow reveals Jason Orange is “interfering” in Take That

X Factor winner Ben Haenow wins battle for Christmas number one

Why The Apprentice winner's family are 'confused'

Mel B Is Getting Advice From Ex Eddie Murphy Following Stephen Belafonte Marriage Breakdown

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Line-Up: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's Body Double Signs Up

Miley Cyrus dresses as the most bizarre and inappropriate Christmas elf EVE


Russia blocks Facebook site urging rally for anti-Kremlin activist Alexei Navalny

ITE Exhibits Move From Sanctions-Hit Russia

December 20th 2014

Non-Cerebral Systems
Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

Wake up and smell the coffee as smell texts set to be next big thing

New Madonna tracks sound like a 'test of loyalty'

The Mandy Rice-Davies I knew was more than a glossy, scandalous celebrity

Heidi Klum Is Too Sexy for the Las Vegas Airport

Singer Frankie urges Strictly rehab


North Korea says it's not involved in Sony hack; proposes joint probe with US

North Korea seeks joint probe with US on Sony hack

Trash Science

Warblers can possibly predict Storms and Tornadoes


ISIS has executed 100 foreigners trying to quit: report


Can Putin Survive Sustained Economic Pain?

Cuba says US must respect its communist system

US transfers 4 detainees from Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan

Russia Won't Be Intimidated Over Crimea: Russian President Vladimir Putin

December 19th 2014

US blames North Korea for 'destructive' Sony cyberattack

Obama vows US response to Sony hack

Outer Space

Were The Apollo Missions Being Watched By Aliens?

New Stonehenge Discovery Hailed As 'Most Important In 60 Years'

Non-Cerebral Systems
Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

Gogglebox family axed over Ukip bid

The Deep British Past


Mandy Rice-Davis and Christine Keeler

Christine KeelerJohn Profumo

December 18th 2014

Child abuse inquiry: Met Police investigate alleged murders of three young boys

Vatican 'had meeting with extraterrestrials'

Girl 'On Way To Join IS' Stopped On Runway

Why Has This Plane Has Been Circling The English Channel For Three Hours?

Can Vladimir Putin survive the falling ruble?

Pakistani Taliban attack: Why insurgents killed 132 school children in cold blood

Nigeria Military Court Sentences 54 Soldiers to Death for Mutiny

Trash Science

Scientists decipher the meaning of a cow's moo

The power of social influence

EU court rules that fatness 'can constitute a disability'

What Artificial Intelligence Is Not

Welcome To The Future: The 8 Most Game-Changing Innovations Of 2014

2014 science breakthroughs: no more ageing, cave art and landing on a comet

Non-Cerebral Systems
Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Line-Up: Mel B's Husband Stephen Belafonte 'In Talks' For Show

Russell Brand has responded to that scathing open letter from an RBS banker

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallce Gets Drastically Different Haircut Following Twitter War With David McIntosh

Censored: Boy Tells President To 'Lose Weight'

Canterbury MP Julian Brazier expresses fears as BBC Radio Kent exposes website selling fake University of Kent degrees in China


The 10 Strangest, Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found

December 17th 2014


Israel suffers sharp rebuffs from Europe


Russia's Economic Turmoil Could Push Putin to Close Deal on Ukraine

Russians 'invest' in booze and breakfast cereal as ruble

Journalists Witness Scale of Taliban Attack in Pakistan

Jamie Read / James Hughes (Sky)


Netanyahu: Hypocritical Europeans have 'learned nothing' from Holocaust

Non-Cerebral Systems

Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

Mel B's Husband, Stephen Belafonte, 'Fled The Country' Amidst Split Rumours

RBS Worker Claims 'Puerile, Prancing Millionaire' Russell Brand Ruined His Lunch

December 16th2014

Pakistan responds to Peshawar school massacre with strikes on Taliban

David Cameron: Britain could face Sydney-style attack 'at any moment'

Why oil prices keep falling — and throwing the world into turmoil

Russian economic crisis: as it happened 16 December 2014

Science Becomes Entertaiment

HUMAN HAIR will soon be FOUND on MOON: Brit 'nauts aim for SPAAAACE

Yoga may help protect against heart disease

The components of the Deep Flight Challenger. Image: Deep Flight


Chichester skeleton: Racton Man 'was warrior chief killed in battle'

December 15th

Apologies: Gaps due to illness of Editor

November 29th 2014


Egyptian security forces fire tear gas and birdshot to disperse protesters-witness

UK Fun

Lucy Middleton who backed the wrong horse over Plebgate

David Mellor apologises for calling taxi driver a 'sweaty little s***'

UK Slavery

Slavery levels in UK 'higher than thought'


Hosni Mubarak: Egypt court drops murder charges over 2011 killings


Up to 13000 victims of modern slavery are trapped in the UK

Police checks for mirants

UK Terror

Part of A1 shut after 'explosion' near Catterick army base in Yorkshire

UK Fun

Lucy Middleton who backed the wrong horse over Plebgate


Fifteen killed in "terrorist attack" in China's Xinjiang: state media

Non-Cerebral Systems
Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ESN

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, day 13, review

Colin Firth - Colin Firth wanted to be Bond

Kristina Pimenova: 9-Year-Old Dubbed 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World', Is This Wrong?

November 2026

Katie Hopkins' Michael Brown vendetta continues: Lashes out at 'thug looters' as ...


Shakespeare First Folio found in French library


Shakespeare First Folio

Weapons Trade

France suspends delivery of Mistral warship to Russia


Now Ukip is beating Labour to the white working class vote, days after Miliband ...


Woolwich murder: Lee Rigby report published by Parliament - live

Ferguson shooting: Michael Brown ruling denounced as 'unfair'

Hong Kong police, protesters clash; 86 people arrested

Lee Rigby murder: internet firm could have picked up killer's message - report

Ferguson shooting: Michael Brown ruling denounced as 'unfair'

Ferguson: How a black teenager's death caused a town to explode

Hong Kong: Clashes At Protest Camp

Facebook hosted Lee Rigby death chat ahead of soldier's murder

Lee Rigby memorial


Lee Rigby murder: Internet firms must do more on terror, says PM


British brothers jailed for training at Syria terror camp


Private schools hit back at Labour's threat

Child Abuse

Yarl's Wood Immigration Centre: Why Serco's Contract Renewal is a Disgrace

 John Allen trial: Children's home boss found guilty of 26 counts of sexual abuse

Non-Cerebral Systems

Trash Culture: Pop/Media/TV/ES

Corrie's Oliver Mellor Stops Pantomime Performance To Propose To Girlfriend Rhian Sugden

I'm A Celebrity 2014: Kendra Wilkinson Tells Edwina Currie To "Shut The F*** Up

"!Did Simon Cowell just rule Andrea Faustini out of X Factor title?


British jihadi who skipped bail to fight alongside Islamic State taunts police from ...


France to send armoured unit to Poland for exercises

France suspends delivery of warship to Russia

UK confirms first F-35 jet orders

US|US Adds Air Power, but ISIS Presents Elusive Target


Trash Science

Life on Mars was destroyed by nuclear attack, says physicist - and we could be next


Ebola victims' bodies left in hospital doorway by protesting burial teams


Ferguson riots: live

Katie Hopkins Thinks The Feguson Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Should Get "A Medal"

Katie Hopkins says Ferguson officer Darren Wilson 'should get a medal'

Katie Hopkins on Michael Brown shooting: ''Give the officer ...


Regin malware could originate from UK and US

Benedict Cumberbatch breaks code in the Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game

Editor Lon Strickler


Charles Fort 1874-1932


Daily 2 Cents: California Drought Ignites 'Gold Fever' -- Ivan the Terrible's Sword Found? -- Put Bigfoot On Endangered Species List

The Possible Connection Between Nikola Tesla and ETs

Flying toads and flying gurnards

You Can't Educate People Into Believing in Evolution

The UFO Timetable And The Melting Man

Remains of ‘Underwater Pompeii’ found in Aegean Sea

Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon: How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret

The Dulce Wars: Underground Alien Bases and the Battle for Planet Earth

Into The Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction

Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind: Suspicious Deaths, Mysterious Murders, and Bizarre Disappearances in UFO History

sex abuse/paedophilia

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law Masks The Real Scandal – A Growing Western Child Sex Trade In Africa




"Every time I hear the words scientific socialism I reach for my cock and a can of Stella Artois."
(George Mensch
The Rumford Rogues)

New World Order




LIB DEMS: No wanking in Parliament

Just look at those lips!

PS: Is this an Englishman or something

the cat dragged in from beyond Calais?

Science becomes Entertainment

"Professor" Brian Cox: Did He who made the Mountains of Mourne make thee?

Hello Brian didn't know that Cliff your father (below) was still alive!


The Deep Past is always a bit embarrassing

Cameron's New Navy

> Feb 8 - Iran says warships sailing towards U.S - Photo posted in BX Daily Bugle - news and headlines | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Screwing the Dead

Jimmy Savile Documentary

Rolf Harris:

Raping the Mad

(girl's portrait by Rolf  Harris)

The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun

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